Het heeft voordelen om het onderwijs juist niet zo veel mogelijk aan de leerstijl van leerlingen aan te passen

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Aanpassing van onderwijs aan de leerstijl van leerlingen heeft geen effect op de leerresultaten. Dat concludeert John Hattie (Visible learning, 2009, o.a. p.197 en 199). Ik kijk daar minder van op …

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Top 10 EduBlogs All Online Teachers Must Follow

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Here’s a list of blogs that feed my teaching soul, hunger for knowledge, and need for deeper insights into teaching,  learning and writing. There are so many wonderful blogs that it’s impossible to list them all here,  so I’m listing the ones that have been most relevant to my own professional development. As such, they should be relevant to any teacher who wants to turn online teaching and/or publishing into a fully-fledged career.


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How Badges Really Work in Higher Education — Campus Technology

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Badges Get Serious
Digital badges are getting a serious look on many university campuses because they may allow students to demonstrate a greater variety of skills. “A diploma says as much about the institution you attended as it does about you,” notes Bill Wisser, instructional designer in the Graduate School of Education (HGSE) at Harvard University (MA). “A portfolio gets more granular, and badges can show individual records of accomplishment.”


But badges are only as valuable as the metadata behind them, and that is why the Mozilla Open Badges infrastructure is important

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